Causes and Solution to Acne

Causes and Solution to Acne

In order to understand what is wrong externally one must look internally. To clear your acne, you must start from within. Acne is almost always internal because you literally become what you eat. If you are constantly consuming unhealthy, processed and addictive foods then your skin will show you that your stomach cannot break down what has been put inside of it. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it is one of the first places we can spot something wrong internally.

In order to truly rid your body of toxins, which results in pimples, you must start within. Start by eliminating and reducing the amount of processed foods you eat and increase your in take of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as water. Eating more raw lively electric foods versus processed and hormonal foods can change your life 180 degrees. It is hard as our bodies have become addicted to certain foods, however, we cannot let our addictions take over us. Our lives are far more precious and valuable than our addictions that are holding us back and bringing us negative consequences and reactions.

Along with internally cleansing yourself by increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits and water, we must also be careful of what we put on our faces. As a girl, I have worn makeup from my early teenage years. I won’t get into the consumerist aspect of how we are trained from a young age to wear makeup in order to look like what corporations have defined as “beauty”; subconsciously making us believe that only their image of beauty is beautiful when in reality, beauty is beyond the physical… Therefore makeup is unnecessary and it is a false confidence boost. Makeup can be extremely damaging to the skin as it has many chemicals and unnatural ingredients. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of what you put on your face. If you do wear make up, I suggest you use it much less to allow your skin to breath.

To cleanse your face, begin by washing your face and then taking a cotton ball or pad and dipping it into a carrier oil to remove excess makeup and dirt. It will surprise you to see how much dirt will come off your face. Along with removing dirt, it will also moisturize your skin lightly. I suggest using coconut oil for that. Another option is after you wash your face, to take a cotton ball or pad and dip it into rose water or orange blossom water and use it to wipe your face. After your face will feel very fresh and moisturized. This can act as a toner. If your face feels dry after, apply a pea sized amount of coconut oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil, or blackseed oil to your face.

So now we’ve looked at internally, externally, and there is one last aspect of acne and it’s mentally. Stress, anxiety, and depression can also lead to acne or dullness of skin. The best suggestion I have for stress, anxiety and depression is to meditate and pray. Connecting with the Divine is the only way to relieve your mental anxieties. Meditation and prayer can make you feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. We owe our existence to the Divine, and therefore, because He created us, He also knows our hearts and our struggles. When you feel stressed, anxious or depressed, connect with yourself and the Divine and see how fast your life can transform.

Purify your mind, body, and soul. Bless.

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