At Alkaline Essentials, our goal is to spread knowledge and awareness for a healthy diet. We follow the life and diet of our ancestors, the wise ones, along with incorporation of the work and research of Dr. Sebi and other doctors who support the Alkaline Diet.

We understand that in a world of processed and addictive foods, it can be very challenging to make the necessary changes to your diet to support a healthy and long life. However, to progress and move forward, challenge is a given, it is persistence and perseverance that get you through.

A healthy lifestyle consists of a healthy diet. The foods we eat effect our state of mind whether we are conscious of it or not. We literally become what we consume; therefore, it is essential to be aware of what we put into our bodies. A healthy lifestyle also consists of a healthy mind. While what we consume plays a key role in it, so do our thoughts and the energies we surround ourselves with. It is important to meditate or pray every single day in order to connect with ourselves and The Divine. It is also vital to keep yourself away from negative energies in order to preserve yours and to progress.

We have created a Care Package to assist and supplement an Alkaline diet. Our Alkaline Essentials Care Package is not only for people who follow the Alkaline diet, but for anyone who is trying to change their diet. We understand that buying health and beauty products can be quite expensive, therefore we created a care package, which contains various Alkaline items such as herbs like Irish Sea Moss and burdock root, unrefined cold pressed oils like hemp seed oil and black seed oil, herbal waters like rose water, hand made beauty products, and much more. Visit our shop for the Alkaline Essentials Care Package and other alkaline products.


Processing orders currently takes 1-3 weeks and shipping within the US and Canada takes 4-6 days. Shipping internationally takes 7-12 days (without any holds at customs).

We are working on getting our processing and shipping times down. Thank you greatly for your patience with us.