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Many of you may be asking where to buy alkaline herbs online. Well,  Alkaline Essentials is your trusted online shop  and alkaline news portal where you can find the best alkaline herbal and alkaline vegan products as well as useful and up to date information on natural high alkaline herbs,  alkaline diet plan, nutritional guides and Dr Sebi’s well known herbal remedies.

Alkaline Herbs Benefits

Alkaline herbs have immense effects on our body including cleansing and purifying  our blood and many others if the right nutritional requirements and procedures are applied. An alkaline herbs centered diet and the use of natural alkaline herbal medicine reverses chronic diseases. Pharmaceutical medicine is built on the power of medicinal herbs because around fifty percent of its drugs are derived from herbs. At Alkaline Essentials we carry Dr Sebi recommended herbs including sea moss ( check sea moss benefits here) , bladderwrack powder ( click to see its benefits) , Burdock Root, Soursop Leaves and many others.  Browse our alkaline herb store now to see all the alkaline herbs that are available for your purchase. You can also take a look at our blog that contains useful  information on Dr Sebi herbal remedies ,alkaline herb lists, alkaline herb diet plan and benefits and so on..

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Alkaline herbs list

When we talk about herbs, we usually think of adding flavor and aroma to our dishes, but herbs are used for far more than that. They not only make your food taste delicious naturally, but they also benefit your well-being. The foods you eat affect your body’s pH level, making it acidic or alkaline. The […]

The Alkaline Diet

Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr. Sebi and Dr. Morse all agree that acidic foods must be removed from the diet in order for the body to maintain a necessary and slightly Alkaline pH balance in the blood to support homeostasis through out the body. The consumption of meat, dairy, seafood, refined carbs/grains, refined sugar and processed […]

Easy alkaline diet tips & alkaline herb shopping list

The foods you eat have a powerful impact on your health. Our body must maintain a proper pH for necessary reactions and functions to occur. When an alkaline environment is maintained in the body, metabolic, enzymatic, immunologic, and repair mechanisms function at their best. They also help fight free-radical damage and inflammation while supporting healthy […]

Alkaline Diet and Herbs for Skin and Acne

Acne is a skin condition which most people believe is caused by pores clogged with dirt, oil or bacteria, causing inflammation. While these are definitely factors, the main culprit, which is often overlooked is, your diet. When you consume a diet high in acid forming and inflammatory foods, it leads to all kinds of skin […]

Alkaline Essentials Herbs for Cleansing and Purifying the Blood

Alkaline Essential Herbs for Cleansing and Purifying the Blood Blood cleanser herbs are used to detoxify and cleanse the blood of impurities while nourishing the blood.   1. Burdock Root How to use: Burdock root is edible and when fresh, can be used in soups, steamed with vegetables and in general cooking. Dried burdock root […]

Alkaline Essentials Top 10 Alkaline Herbs

Herbal teas have done wonders for myself and while I am not a herbalist, I know which ones work for me. Here are the Alkaline Essentials top 10 Alkaline Herbs in no specific order. 1. Irish Sea Moss I use Irish Sea Moss daily. I make Irish Sea Moss Gel and add it to my […]

Teeth Whitening

Coconut oil for oil pulling/teeth whitening : For naturally white teeth and healthy gums, use coconut oil for oil pulling. Instructions: Take a spoon full of unrefined Coconut Oil and swish it around in your mouth for 5-10 minutes. You will notice results immediately. For best results do it 3-4 times a week

Causes and Solution to Acne

In order to understand what is wrong externally one must look internally. To clear your acne, you must start from within. Acne is almost always internal because you literally become what you eat. If you are constantly consuming unhealthy, processed and addictive foods then your skin will show you that your stomach cannot break down […]